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A Christmas Story, the Musical


Nine year old Ralphie Parker wants one thing for Christmas, and one thing only: An Official Red Ryder Range Model Carbine Action BB Gun. There’s only one problem: everyone else is convinced he’ll shoot his eye out! Undeterred, he begins his saga of convincing all the necessary players, from his sweet but protective Mother, to his straightlaced teacher, Miss Shields, all the way to Santa Claus himself, that he needs that gun for the protection of his loved ones, and maybe even a little cowboy glory to call his own. Ralphie’s vivid imagination conjures up several showstopping numbers, from “Ralphie to The Rescue” in which he defeats every foe a young boy can think of (robbers, mustache twirling villains, and of course, the school bully), to the thrilling tap routine performed by a gun moll-esque Miss Shields, who sheds her sweater set and romance novel for a glittery red gown and a whole lot of moxie. And Ralphie’s not the only one with dreams of grandeur. His old man is just as set on a goal of his own, namely, winning a prize in the $50,000 Great Figures of World Literature Contest. His dreams come true when he wins a major award from the competition in the form of a garish, fishnet stocking clad leg lamp, which horrifies his wife but brings him unadulterated joy. In the biggest number of the show, the Old Man dreams up a fantastic dance sequence, developing from a euphoric ballet, to a sultry tango with his wife dressed a la lamp, and finally to a show stopping leg lamp can-can bringing the number to a triumphant close. Filled with quirky and lovable characters, this zany, heartfelt, and nostalgic musical is as delightful as the biggest, shiniest present under the tree on Christmas morning.

Name                                        Gender              Part Size           Vocal

Ralphie                                     Male                  Lead                Alto     


Jean Sheperd                             Male                 Lead                 Spoken


The Old Man                             Male                 Lead                 Baritone


Mother                                      Female              Lead                 Mezzo-Soprano


Miss Shields                              Female              Supporting        Alto


Santa/Ensemble                          Male                 Featured            Tenor


Schwartz                                   Male                 Featured


Flick                                         Male                 Featured


Scut Farkus                               Male                 Featured


Grover Dill                                Male                 Featured


Esther Jane and Mary Beth          Female              Featured


Ensemble Children                     Either Gender    Ensemble


Adult Ensemble                         Either Gender    Ensemble

A Christmas Story: The Musical CHARACTERS


·         JEAN SHEPHERD / NARRATOR: Late 40s to early 60s. A charismatic storyteller who has the ability to weave a spell and draw an audience into his magical world. He is omniscient but not overpowering – a good-natured curmudgeon with a deadpan sense of humor. He holds the audience with his tremendous presence and spark.


·         RALPHIE: 9, going on 10 (may be played by a 9 to 12 year old). Cute and winsome, but not precious. Bright, but not precocious. A regular kid you wouldn’t mind having as a next-door neighbor. He’s a bit mischievous and rascally but with a twinkle in his eye.


·         MOTHER: 30s to 40s. More in charge of the family than the Old Man is, but she would never let him know it. She is warm and affable… at times a bit daffy… but not a pushover. A vibrant woman, she is always busy, especially anytime she’s in the kitchen. She is the secret engine that keeps the family running, keeping the household together with an impressive balancing act.


·         THE OLD MAN: 30s to 40s. A guy with a good heart, though it is buried beneath a sometimes gruff (and rough) exterior. He’s a devoted husband and father who loves his family but doesn’t overtly show it. He usually expects the worst but is capable of excitement if the situation warrants (though it usually doesn’t). In his moments of fantasy, he is transformed from his usual grumbling blue-collar self to a true song and dance man.


·         RANDY: 7 to 8 (may be played by a 7 to 10 year old). Ralphie’s younger brother. Cute, cuddly and whiny. Admires Ralph but won’t admit it. He’s at the stage of childhood wherein he seems opposed to everything, but he’s still lovable – not a brat.


·         SCHWARTZ: a classmate

·         FLICK: a classmate

·         ESTHER JANE: a classmate

·         MARY BETH: a classmate


·         SCUT FARKUS: 14 to 15. The textbook example of a schoolyard bully, except this truant doesn’t go to school. He is loud, obnoxious and intimidating. Older than Raphie and his classmates by a year or two, he wears a perpetual scowl beneath his trademark coonskin cap. He always appears at the most inopportune times to scare and harass his innocent victims.


·         GROVER DILL: 9 to 12. Always at Farkus’ side in his today, Dill. Much younger and decidedly smaller than Farkus, Dill delights in being tethered to his “hero”. He punctuates the bully’s threats and warnings with a series of rapid-fire belly-laughs, thus making the two of them the scourge of the neighborhood whenever they appear. But, like most of thereof ilk, when the two are finally challenged and bested, they turn out to be the biggest cowards of all.


·         BOY

·         GIRLS

·         NANCY

·         BANK TELLERS

·         CUSTOMERS


·         GOGGLES KID




·         MISS SHIELDS: Mid 30s to late 50s. The local elementary school teacher. A seemingly stereotypical 1940s educator – prim and proper. Stern when necessary, though warm – and even humorous – when the situation merits it. In Ralph’s fantasy, she becomes a dynamic, show-stopping, brassy belter and tapper – a force to be reckoned with.


·         SANTA: Early 30s to early 60s. The Santa Claus at Higbee’s Department Store is decidedly unlike the typical “Jolly Old Elf” of legend and lore. Ill-tempered and slightly inebriated, he is unhappy with his job. He dismisses each child as quickly as possible in an attempt to put an end to the day and, perhaps, head for the nearest “watering hole.”



·         ELVES

·         DELIVERY MEN


·         PARENTS

·         VILLAIN



·         BARTENDER

·         CUSTOMERS

·         CAN-CAN GIRLS


·         POLICEMAN

·         FIREMAN

·         DOCTOR

·         NURSE

·         WAITER



Thank you for enquiring about auditioning for NGAC.

We will be holding open call Auditions for our upcoming 2017 season. If you're interested please prepare a short monologue that will showcase your acting range and be prepared to perform a song that will let us hear your vocal range. You may bring a CD or sheet music we will offer an accompanist.

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